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Success Simplified

Technical System Assessment

InSource offers a variety of software and hardware solutions for flexible plant floor information systems that can be architected in many ways. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have vast experience in implementing, troubleshooting, training on and upgrading these systems in a variety of applications in manufacturing and industry.

Benefit to Customer

Clients receiving this service remove all the guesswork, and can be confident in how they implement and maintain their information system. They will now have a complete understanding of their system’s current state and have a roadmap for future improvements. They will then be able to plan improvement projects including budgeting, scheduling and training required to make those projects successful.


The InSource SME will plan the assessment withappropriate client representatives such as Engineering, IT and Operations to ensure proper time is allotted, systems are accessible and the right personnel are available to assist onsite. SME would spend 1-3 days on-site depending on the depth of assessment and then deliver an assessment results document, in most cases within 2 weeks of the on-site visit. A results meeting would be held with all appropriate plan personnel to ensure everyone understands the results and the implications of the recommendations for system improvements. 


Results, Recommendations and Planning documents.Note that these recommendations and plans will be less detailed than will be required to, for example, design a completely new architecture or add new functionality to the system. The recommendations from this effort may feed into a detailed analysis effort which may include a User Requirements Specification.

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