Seminole County, Florida: Beyond SCADA

The Seminole County Water Division pumps, treats, and delivers drinking water to almost 440,000 people through 592 miles of water mains. The six water treatment plants produce a maximum capacity of 46.036 million gallons of water per day, with a little help from Wonderware and InSource.

Success Simplified

Trouble Shooting Assistance

Occasionally, standard help desk services are not sufficient to solve a client problem. There are other times a client is interested in having an on-site resource. Our Wonderware-certified engineers are available to help you address installation problems, software bugs, and functional anomalies.

Typical Use Case

On site troubleshooting assistance is an extension of the normal InSource help desk offering, and is appropriate for complex development challenges, in-depth fault investigation, or situations where remote visibility cannot be provided for security or policy reasons.

Benefit to Customer

  1. Access skilled technical resources with significant experience troubleshooting Wonderware products.
  2. Resolve problems quickly, with direct access to escalation routes if required.
  3. Troubleshoot the client’s specific application in their environment
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