Seminole County, Florida: Beyond SCADA

The Seminole County Water Division pumps, treats, and delivers drinking water to almost 440,000 people through 592 miles of water mains. The six water treatment plants produce a maximum capacity of 46.036 million gallons of water per day, with a little help from Wonderware and InSource.

Success Simplified


Even the greatest of software applications are of little value to the client if
they are not applied properly. They become shelfware.
While many software products are designed for ease of use, there are many hardware and software products on which other products depend. To ensure that clients quickly achieve value from products, InSource has packaged step by step services called “ReadyToGo” services that package needed hardware and software products for immediate success.

ReadyToGo Services offer:

  • A fixed price
  • Guaranteed installation and configuration
  • Value added content as time permits
Installation and configuration are the foundation for success and every architecture is slightly different for each client. Over the years InSource has installed and configured thousands of systems for as many clients. Take advantage of our broad experience and get your system operational as soon as possible so you can focus on applying it to your needs. View Success Simplified